5 Profile for Financial Reporting to Record Companies

This Profile is for reporting all audio-only Usage, Revenue or Sales to Record Companies and other companies that hold rights in Sound Recordings or Releases. This Profile is also for reporting Usage, Revenue or Sales for music videos.  

To indicate that a Sales/Usage Report is created in accordance with this Profile standard, the Profile Cell in the HEAD Record shall contain the value FinancialReportingToRecordCompaniesSRB. The ProfileVersion Cell shall contain the value 1.1. The Record Types referenced herein are defined in Part 8 of the standard. 

When Usages, Revenues or Sales are to be reported for Resources using the Profile for Financial Reporting to Record Companies all usage, sale and/or revenue information shall be communicated, together with Release and Resource information, in a series of 0-n Single Block Records. The SR08.01 Records shall be preceded exactly by one or more Summary Records SY10.01 for the type of use, commercial model and territory the Releases and/or Resources contained in the Sales/Usage Report Message has been traded under. Figure 1 below shows how to report Usages, Revenues or Sales in accordance with the Profile for Financial Reporting to Record Companies.

The table below provides an overview of the order and cardinality of the Records to be used in this Profile. 

Record Type











Each SR08.01 may be followed by one DE01 record

|   DE01